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I feel as though everytime i write a blog i have so much to report that itis hard to know where to start. Have a look at our brochure for RST International

It is very exciting to now have everything set up for our business. This has been a huge job as it has involved lawyers & accountants to establish a legal entity as well as the daily requirements of establishing office & training facilities.

My facilities in Busselongo are fantastic & will allow for Michelle to coach as well as our training of young horses. We will also cater for visiting riders & owners who would like a part of the "European experience" by purchasing a horse.


Bella has completed all the tests so we can sell semen in Europe & we already have mares for him (click here for brochure) Unfortunately getting semen back to Australia is not so easy & i don't know if we will be able to meet AQIS requirements for quarantine at collection in time for this season.

We are still working on this but as he is my main competition horse it is very difficult to take him out of circulation for the 30 days needed for quarantine.


So.... Arezzo went well, another step up for Bella, then to Modena 3*.

My plan going into the show was to give him a good let down show after Arezzo.

He jumped exceptionally well all weekend and qualified for the 160 GP but despite the temptation of jumping the GP I stayed on my plan and didn't jump him big that week.

I am preparing him for Linz CSIO 4* where we are reserves for the Australian nations cup team & there i will jump the Gold GP.

This will be his biggest start to date & he is progressing beautifully. I hope to have some new video footage up soon so keep checking.


When Michelle & my parents were here recently we also spent a week travelling around Europe, particularly Germany, Belgium and Holland.

We had 3 main aims for the trip being making contacts with breeders, promoting RST

International, Bella & my potential as a rider for their young horses, as well as finding young horses to buy, train & then resell.

It was a great experience, i think we looked at about 30 horses in four days. Not being hard to please our standards were that they could be as green as grass or unbroken, even a little crazy!! But... they must have great conformation, & the wow factor in

their walk, trot, canter & jump. We met some wonderful breeders who are so passionate about their horses & have certainly started some long term relationships.


From the horses viewed we selected three 4 year olds but unfortunately only one of them had satisfactory x-rays. We have established very high vetting standards because we are producing a product that will be of a very high quality in breeding, conformation & education. As such the xrays must also be without fault.


Gordon is the name of my new 4 year old dark chestnut gelding. He has 4 white stockings & a wide blaze & is about 16.2 with a very compact body.

Very "flash" to look at. He is by Lord Z out of a Concorde mare. As he is not yet

broken so is staying in Belgium another month with the breaker before he comes to my stables in Italy.


Michelle will return for Florence 3* in June and after that we will be on the road looking for more young horses.... it is amazing how much we learn with each trip. Our contacts are improving all the time & it is wonderful to feel confident enough to find horses ourselves. We have 10 more stables in my block to fill so we have a way to go yet! It is going to be a very exciting experience to educate, train & then sell high quality young horses & it will give me the ability always to be looking for super GP horses to

add to my team. In addition i am very committed to building a successful

business & determined to succeed in International Showjumping in Europe.



After snow & lots of jackets & scarves for warmth, it is incredible how fast spring has arrived in Italy. The whole stable & gardens have come alive as you can see in the pictures..The days are longer now, warmer and when work is finished in the evening i am lucky enough to be only 10min from the Garda Lake.


Alberto (my vet) came to the stables on Monday.

Bella is trotting really well, he is so fit & is starting to slowly build up his weight and muscle again after his long break over the winter.. I am so lucky to be established now in such a professional facility where i know i have the support of a vet who is so knowledgeable on the care & preparation of elite competition horses.


OK...enough for now i will keep you updated with the preparation for Linz...


Take care everyone!




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28 April 2010


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