Ciao everyone!

Just arrived home (in Verona) from an afternoon shopping in Milano..!


Such a tough life I have... No, No the main purpose was to convert Loes from PC to Mac, which was achieved smoothly and she is now sitting in front of a new Mac Book Pro and of-course loving the experience!


This week has been full of food and wine and celebrations with Christmas and the holidays...An Italian christmas lived up to all its expectations with antipasti to start, I think there were 5 difference types of sliced meat! Ravioli as a second course, warm bread, cheeses, baked vegetables, fruit and the list goes on and on...

Of-course also wine from the region. A big thank you to the Toscano family for

welcoming us into their home during this holiday period!


The past week the horses have been working well, I am slowly building up their work load and as the weather has improved and the snow melted I am also able to work or walk them on the grass track outside. This is a real treat for them as when the weather is bad they live and work indoors! I also gave Bella a small jump in this week and was very grateful to have Lorenzo Toscano give me a hand with some ideas to help.


Loes and i are still frantically looking for a groom to start in the new year as i am to do two shows at the end of January.


For the rest, the team is looking forward to the new year celebrations and of-course I am very excited about what the new year has in store!

I think we may have found a great stable to base my team at and also lots of exciting opportunities but I will tell you more about that in the next blog...!


Well, until next time, have a great new years night and cheers to an

exciting new year!




Happy New Year!

28 December 2009


Buon Natale!

Merry Christmas!


We have arrived safe in Verona (Italy) and only four days after  arriving we wake up to 5cm of snow! I am getting used to the cold, -4 in the morning and not above 0 in the day this week is normal! The horses arrived healthy and happy, it took 18 hours with one stop over night in Munich.

I began working them again after one day of hand walking and they are feeling well, Charlie very fresh and still after four days work trying to buck me off!

I am planning to start jumping again after Christmas to prepare for the indoor national show that I plan to do at the end of January.

I'll use these two shows to prepare for the Sunshine Tour in Spain which we plan to leave for on the 13th of February.

Im very much looking forward to a white Christmas and will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them here...


Have a great X-Mas and New Year


Adesso devo andare. Ciao!





19 December 2009

Ciao everyone,

This is my first entry so i thought i should start off with ‘Ciao’ since I am about to pack up everything and move to Italy for 2 months!

I really hope in that time I start to speak and understand some Italian and not just all the bad words!


So like I said, I should be driving out of Belgium some time on Sunday morning the 13th Dec, through Germany to Munich, where we stay and rest the horses, then off again in

the morning through the beautiful Alps in Austria and down into Verona, Italy.

My very good friend Loes Sevens will be making the trip with me as I also have a car to

bring with me. I flew to Verona last week to see the stables and surrounding shows. One of the shows was a very cute national show one hour from the stable, as you can see from the picture Christmas celebrations are in full swing as I imagine they are also at home!


The horses are all keeping very well, clipped at least once a month as it’s getting colder and colder.. I dont plan to do any shows until the middle of January, I’ve decided to do two shows to prepare them for the Sunshine Tour which begins mid February..

They had such a busy summer season so it’s nice for them to rest and with all the organizing to be done with the move there is not so much time!


Ok.. must get back to the packing…


See you in Verona!






10 December 2009

Viva Italia! 10 Dec. 2009

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