6 December 2010

Winterwonderland in Belgium...

Hi Everyone!


Well winter has arrived in Europe and wow its cold. OK so im sure it will get much worse than this but still at 8 o clock in the morning on the first horse and its minus 7 and the wind is blowing snow around everywhere its feels pretty damn cold..! But once I'm  through the first horse it gets much easier so my routine is the finish riding all the horses before lunch. In the moment its only 5 horses but Bella is ridden again in the afternoon as i slowly start to build up his fitness. Im really really excited about the possibility of his first show in January and then making the plan for early next year....where to go....Spain...Italy??? Decisions decisions..!


So the past couple of weeks have been really exciting, i started with the first shows with my young 4 and 5 year olds. Gordon and Chino have been to two different venues now and improved out of sight, both jumping beautiful balanced clear rounds at 90cm. Ive decided to graduate them to a 1m class this weekend! Ok so its not a big deal to most people but i have had these babies since before they were broken in and seeing the improvement in them every week is a real joy..Fonz has also been out a couple of times with me at 115, jumping very well but i believe his flat training is of more importance at this point in his career. We know he shows a flashy, technique jump with a big heart so i am concentrating on his canter and straightness to properly prepare him for the 6 year old classes next year.


As i mentioned earlier Bellas training and fitness is coming along very well, he is jumping again 2-3 times a week and working twice a day. This month he will go away to collect semen for storage for a week and come home before January to prepare for his first show back!


As you may have seen on Facebook i made a surprise visit to Australia two weeks ago. It was an amazing trip, to see my family and friends...no words can express..;-)


Tomorrow Blesse and Brazil  arrive home from the breakers, bringing my stable back up to 7 horses. I rode Blesse last week at the breakers and im hoping she will come along quite fast and still make it on tour with the team next year..fingers crossed. Brazil was very quiet and uncomplicated to break in. Showing more blood towards the end. He will come home and i continue to work him through the winter and he will rest when we go away to the shows..


Otherwise things are moving along smoothly, the lorry is away for a service this week, i have winter tires on the car (Amy) for these crazy frozen mornings and i even went to local council last week to buy salt for my table...something i never dreamed of doing 2 years ago in Australia...


Well ill get back to you before X-Mas with pictures...I must do some before and after shots of the young horses, they are looking incredible!


Ciao for now!




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