I apologize for the time taken to write a new blog! I wanted to wait for a few things to be finalized so i could give you a full update! As usual life has been busy this time with my new horse Libertin, Bella off collecting for the European breeding season, another vet check, the stable filling up with young horses, business in Brussels and much more...


Libertin is any exciting addition to the team. I am currently preparing him for his first show with me next weekend again in Manberio where the outdoor season begins for the big tour horses! I am very excited to be jumping outdoors again! Libertin has a great attitude to his work and a very cool mind which sometimes i have trouble reading whether he is fresh or not! It is not until he begins to jump that i realize just how fresh he is..


Bella left us one week ago to go collect for the up coming breeding season here in Europe. He spent 5 days in the clinic and i visited him twice in this time. I must say i am very impressed with the clinic but also they had the highest compliments for Bella and his attitude and manners. Bella arrived home tonight, greeted fondly by the seven others horses in the stable. I start to ride again tomorrow morning and also hope to prepare him for the show next week in Manerbio.


Alberto the visiting vet has also been in the stable recently, the Tuesday after the last show. Libertin had a full vet check as did Bella, Prada and Charlie, all with very positive feed back. On this day there were more than 25 horses to be checked and / or treated so accompanying Alberto were three others vets! It was a very busy day as most horses also had their teeth checked and treated.


As i mentioned earlier my perviously quiet stable is starting to fill up & i now have 8 horses in my section. It makes for a busy day for my only groom Sanna but also a great atmosphere for the horses and plenty of activity which i love! For her first time as a full time professional groom, Sanna is doing a great job, learning fast and is about to head off for her first show next week!


Finally i was also on a business trip recently in Eindhoven, Holland and Brussels, Belgium with appointments with banks, notaries & accountants. A few minor (major) hiccups.. along the way made for an exciting and slightly stressful trip ( i am not  used to administration!) but in the end everything worked out fine and we have now officially set up the European company RST International BVBA. Yet another milestone and achievement to my mother and fathers ever growing and highly successful business in Australia, Regional Skills Training.


This month in Italy holds more celebration with "Carnevale". As i understand it is an excuse for young and old to dress up as basically anything they want from Princesses, monsters, men as women and much much more... Shopping in my local village this afternoon was near impossible with all the roads blocked in the wake of the celebrations.



I think this is enough for now...


Take care and another update soon i hope!


Breeding Season

12 February 2010




Wow i cant believe we are already one month into 2010!!

I have had a great start to the year, settling into the new stable here in Verona, jumping Transatlantic successfully in two national shows in Manberio. I have really enjoyed riding young Zorro at his first two shows and will be sad to see him go now he is sold.

I really think that horse has a very exciting future ahead of him.


During the last week i have been trying a new horse for my team: Libertin d'Adriers.

Yesterday the vet check was approved. He has a great character, so fits in well. He also has unusual markings on his right ribcage and a spot on the top of his rump..

His breeding is fantastic with Voltaire for a father & Quidam de Revel for a dam sire.

Have a look on hos page for details and photos. I am excited to start our International partnership in the Gold Tour in Arezzo.


So now we have a week or so rest and then the plan is to go back to Manerbio for two weeks but this time with the entire team to prepare for Arezzo.


My new groom Sanna is settling in very well. She has already established a good relationship with Libertin and Bella and will start her first show in two weeks time.


This week is alittle more quiet, we plan to take Bella to the clinic to collect  for the breeding season 2010. For more information, click "Breeding Stallions"


We saw the sun for the first time in a while. After all the fog last week it almost felt like i was back in Aus, expect for the fact it was -6 even with the sun out!


Talk again next week!




Exciting news!

5 February 2010

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