Hi Everyone!


An update for you after the show on the weekend in Manerbio...


I rode Zorro (Acobat II x Lucky Boy) in his first ever show and he performed very well with two clear rounds from his three 5 year old classes. In Italy when an Italian bred horse jumps clear they receive prize money from a separate pool of money which is divided between all the clear rounds. Zorro came home with pocket money of €75.


Charlie (Transatlantic) came back after his three months rest in fine form. He really enjoyed the atmosphere from the big indoor, the french sand and great courses.

He jumped the 140 on Saturday clear and felt fantastic and ready for the GP on Sunday evening. They built a good 145 course with 5 standard related lines.

Charlie came into the ring relaxed but full of energy and finished the first round with only the last fence falling. I was invited back to jump off with 10 other horses and i realized to get a place i would need to be very fast but also clear this time. He felt fantastic in the second round and finished with the fastest time and clear, keeping his total at 4 faults over the two rounds.

Transatlantic finished 3rd overall returning with € 750,- covering all the costs for the show and more..! Good Boy Charles!


I returned from the show each day after the classes to continue the work with Prada, Bella and one other horse i am riding for Lorenzo. The work with them is coming along well i will begin to jump next week.


In this moment the plan is to return to Manerbio this weekend for another national show with the young horses and i plan to take Charlie back in for a warm up class on the Friday and the GP on sunday again.


To see the video of sunday, please click here!


Another update in a couple of days....



Amy xxoo



26 January 2010



Ciao a Tutti!


Ok so there is a lot to talk about!

We have been very busy moving into our new house, I have been out training with Zorro to a  couple of different facilities to prepare him for the show this week and we have also had the chance to visit some new places in the area..


The new house is very nice. We are having trouble still with hot water but we are assured it will be fixed first thing in the morning…I hope!


On Saturday we packed up Lorenzo’s camion and travelled three 5 year olds to a local stable to train over some different fences. Zorro jumped exceptionally well considering it was his first outing.

The property where we trained was beautiful as you can see from the pictures. It is a private stable with a professional trainer, we were very appreciative to have the chance to train there.


Sunday morning we had our fourth day of our new tradition here in the stable being a pancake brunch at 11 oclock… The grooms feed, clean boxes and walk horses and then we all come together to have a lovely brunch, this time in our new house!

I even introduced everyone to the an Australian way of eating pancakes with lemon and sugar…i think i was the only one to enjoy it though!


In the afternoon i went with Mario, Maria and Beppe (Sabrina’s brother) to a township on the Lake Garda called Lazise. Lazise holds an ancient church from the medieval times in the 12th century and the castle and walls were built in the 13th and 14th century. From the pictures you can see how beautiful it is. At the moment it is very quiet little town but i was told in the summer the town is bustling with tourists!


On Monday work was back in full swing, horses finished their work in the morning and then we packed up my lorry this time and travelled the same three 5 year olds to Manerbio where we trained over a course in the indoor.

This is the same place where the big national show is held this weekend. I feel confident now that Zorro is ready for his first show this weekend, starting with the 5 year old class on Friday morning. Wish me luck!


On Thursday this week we pack up both lorries and a trailer and take 13 horses to the national show in Manerbio. Its my first show since Tripoliso i am very much looking forward to it!


Loes also has her parents and sister arriving in Verona on Thursday to visit for three days. We both should be very busy entertaining and showing!


For sure on Monday i will let you know how it all went!


Ciao for now….


Young horses practise...

19 January 2010

Bouna sera!


So we begin the second week of January with vet checks, electricians,

cleaners, restaurants and exciting possibilities for the rest of the week....

Should I explain more..?


First up this morning I had a session with my personal trainer, Zorro, the new addition to the team I talked about in my last blog.

Zorro has a great talent for bucking every time I kick in the gallop and since

it was Monday today, he had a rest day yesterday.. So he was extra enthusiastic!...

40 minutes later his energy level was much less then mine, so I guess thats

a win for me! I hope for clearer sky's tomorrow!


Mid morning our very talented vet, Alberto Magi, arrived to look over my horses for the second time to make sure everything was in order to begin their serious work for the new year shows. Everything is on track and I look forward to starting my first of 2010 show next week!


The electrician arrived later in the morning just to put a spanner in the works! All the horses were moved from their stables, so new lights could be installed. He finished his work just in time for dinner tonight.


Loes and I decided to explore the area again on Sunday night and ended up at a very cute restaurant in Verona. For sure we will bring our families and friends to this place with delicious pasta place when they visit us!


Finally, and I think Loes would agree, our most exciting adventure this week is moving into our new house! The electricity and water has been checked, as the house has not been lived in for 4 years we have organized a cleaner for Thursday. We hope to do the big move from the lorry to the house this weekend! Pictures will follow soon!...


For the rest everyone is happy and healthy...I am thinking of everyone

back in Aus sweltering in the 42° heat and also some parts of Europe

freezing in -30°!


Ill be back again after the big move!





12 January 2010

From Lorry Life to a House!



Its beautiful sunny day here in Verona with a top of 2 degrees! I am thinking of all my friends back in Aus sweltering in the heat of 40+ degrees!

Yesterday was another holiday in Italy, it almost seems like everyday here!

But ofcourse the horses always need to move! Once the horses were worked, Loes and I decided to tour Verona with a couple of friends as our tour guides. Walking around the historical centre we saw the famous house of Juliet and her balcony where she would meet with Romeo, Scala Della Ragione (Stairs of Truth)

which lead to a historical court house and Piazza Dei Signori. Formore pictures, see"Places to see"


Italy was celebrating the 12th day of christmas and the legend of La Befana

so the centre was full of electric atmosphere!


New base!


My co-worker Loes and I have found and committed to a lovely stable in the North of Italy, owned by Lorenzo Toscano and his wife Sabrina.

It is a beautiful property with:


• Professional Indoor arena

• Purpose built outdoor jumping and dressage arena

• Horse walkers

• Gallop track

• Extensive indoor stabling with washing facilities

• Full veterinary breeding/collection facilities


My horses are in the second stabling area where there are enough boxes for the team to grow in the future! The first addition to the team is the new young talent Zorro, a 5 year old Acobat x Lucky Boy gelding who has beautiful movement and a big scopey jump. I think I'm falling in love with him and I've only ridden him 4 times!

I feel very fortunate to ride this exciting young talent in a partnership Lorenzo and I'am defenetly looking forward getting in the ring with him! Formore information about the facilities, please look here!


Well, until next time!...


6 January 2010

New facility; sightseeing!

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