Hey everyone,

So i am home from Spain, Valencia! What an amazing tour it was! I have already booked my place for next year. Starting a week earlier than the other tours in Europe it was 4 weeks of perfect weather, great arenas, jumping and the opportunity to let the horses tune out with walks or swims in the sea.

Bella had 6 weeks off before the tour and I barely jump 6 fences before putting him on the truck and heading down to Oliva. He started out in an easy 140 class, & felt better & better as the tour continued. He finished the tour jumping the big ranking classes and GPs with good results. I took my time with him, letting him relax and step back into it slowly. Towards the end of the tour we had some fun galloping in a couple of speed classes which were great for him to get him thinking forward and positive as sometimes he get a little behind my leg. I was really happy with the way he finished the tour, not so happy with my rider error in the final GP where I stupidly choose to do the 8 on the curve instead of my plan, the 7, and I came a little close and had the front pole. I feel that he is very confident & ready for the first of the Lummen Spring Tour in April as we head into the selection series.

Click here to watch video highlights of Bella.

I took also 4 young horses along with me. All of which jump very well, stepping up to the challenge of their new year. For Cupido and Blesse it was their first show.

Blesse is a very talented young Toulon (Heartbreaker) x Darco mare but also very difficult in her mouth and attitude. I started her out of competition in the 5 years old as she over jumps pretty much everything and i didnt want to scare her in the 6 year old series. She doesn't have any experience and i want to take my time with her. She is certainly showing promise but there is a long road ahead to improve her ridability!

Cupido was fantastic and a pleasure to work with, growing up on the tour and really settling into his job. I really believe in this horse and have high hopes for him in the future!

Chino was the big star, 6 starts for 6 clear rounds before he was sold to the USA, he arrived safely to his new owner yesterday and she called to say he has settled in well. He was a joy to work with from breaking him up to now and i know he will be a great little horse in the future.

Gordon is moving along nicely, a super careful horse that for the moment is just doing his job. I think he is one for the future and i haven't seen the best of him yet!

Click here to watch video highlights of Gordon, Blesse & Cupido !

So now I’m home, preparing for the next show, Lummen CSI ***. This will be a two week spring tour & the young horses can compete also. This season is going to be such a big step up for them as they become accustomed to the travel, the different arenas & big atmospheres. After the 2 Spring Tours we have 1 week off & then it is the first selection show for the AUS team...exciting times ahead..

Oh....and I need a home groom for one month??? Anyone interested??

Thanks Ciao!


Home from Spain!

20 March 2012


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