Good morning!


Its a Sunday morning here in Belgium, and as my international horse is not on the show i am at home! The young horses and Libertin had a big week of training, i think next week we can take the young horses out for their first training day at De Warre in Neeroeteren! Thursdays, the stable where i am based, rents this competition indoor with a full course of jumps set up for training. Click here to see the video of last thursday from Libertin d'Adriers.

I plan on taking the 4 and 5 years old training for a couple of hours next week. After a couple of weeks of training i will take them to their first show on the 7th of November, watch the videos link for what could be some interesting jumping rounds!


The rest of the stable also had a quiet weekend so we planned a Sunday breakfast with the lot! Bacon, eggs, bread, croissants (crema, chocolate and natural), yogurt, ham and cheese, juice coffee and now its 2 in the afternoon, 5 degrees out and we are feeling nice and full, warm in our house and ofcourse relaxed. Today the horses are resting, in the field or walker or in Bella's case, hand walking around the woods! Im very excited to start working him again in a week or so.


So ill keep it short this time with an update later in the week after

the first training day with the babies!


Take care and ciao for now!


17 October 2010

Training horses. A typical Belgium sunday morning breakfast ...


Hi everyone,


Wow, its the end of another busy day in stables. There always seem to be some type of drama when you have 10 or more horses in your care..grooms can get moody, horses injured or extra fresh- making training very interesting, horses improving out of sight, new arrivals and much more...It seems like every week flies by, its feels incredible its October already...


I left you just before Lanaken, which i went to see a couple of times since its only 10 minutes from my stable..What an amazing show that is, so much atmosphere and beautifully presented. Plus the parties are a bonus...


My stable is fast filling up with young horses & Bella is home and looking fantastic. I have decided to give him plenty of time to build his fitness so i am planning his next show for early next year on tour with some of my young horses....Italy, Spain or France???


Speaking of my young horses, i did some very constructive training with Michelle while she was here, in particular with Gordon and Chino ( she wanted that i mention she actually rode Chino but you will have to ask her what she thought...!)..Gordon has improved out of sight...He has quite a light mouth and is very sensitive to the hand and leg..He is grasping the concept of lateral movements and developing better balance and strength everyday. His jump gives me an amazing feeling through the body and i tend to do a little bit of jumping or poles everyday as it helps me to evaluate his canter and its adjustability. Chinos mouth is a little different, sometimes feeling rude and other times behind me. I spend a lot of time going forward into my hand then come back with a soft arm trying to teach him the feel in the mouth i want. His attitude is fantastic as he always wants to please and never misbehaves unless he doesn't understand ,which is more then i can say about Gordon! That horse has a lot of character!

Chino is such a sweet horse, every morning once his box is cleaned he lays down for one hour in his clean straw bed!...and there are no problem if you want to join him!


Blesse is still resting after twisting her fetlock when she jumped from the field but i think she should be back in action sometimes within the next week.


The two new additions to the stable (Fonz and Brazil )are also contributing to the work in the stable! Fonz is 5 years old and has a very cute,

promising jump. He really is very green on the flat though so i am slowly teaching him the basics, half halts, lateral movement etc. It takes time for them to build up the strength in the back also ,so once a week i take them to the woods to walk up and down the hills. Its a great relaxing day for them but they are still doing productive work..


Brazil is the new 3yo stallion. I am actually not sure if he is broken or not but today i went over the basics with him to get an idea. My prediction is that he is not broken! So today he learnt the walker machine and lunging gear with side reins to teach him about accepting the contact. In general he is a sweet horse to work with and i think within a week we will see a big improvement!


In the stable at the moment i also have two 4yo stallions who are currently in quarantine for South Africa. These boys certainly are a handful everyday! But im getting them worked and teaching them the basics before they head off in two weeks.


Riding so many different young horses certainly keeps me sharp, but it also really gives me an understanding of what feeling I am looking for in the training, jumping and flatwork.


Everyday is really busy in the stable now. Im a strong believer in the horses getting out the box at least twice a day. This means every horse is

ridden, in the field or the walker, for grass or hand walking. Im also thinking about investing in a treadmill to help better develop the muscle

and fitness levels. Fitness is not so important in the young horses as sometimes i prefer they get tired quickly!!.. but for muscle development

over the back the treadmill is fantastic. Its also great for rehabilitation and for the grand prix horses like Bella!


Next week I am planning to load the truck with my young babies and head out could prove interesting but i have to start somewhere! There is a great facility only 10min from my stable. De Warre holds weekly regional shows starting from 90cm-140 and also training during the week where you can jump what you want. I will have to update you after the training maybe even with some videos!


Ofcourse be sure to look at the 'meet our horses' tab to see the new young 1 and 2 yo boys and girls. Im really excited about the future of these horses, with such great breeding and lovely types im sure they have alot of potential!


I must also say before i go ....A big CONGRATULATIONS to the Aussie team in WEG. What an incredible performance they put in! Qualifying the Aussie team for London, now i have no excuse! Watch out London....Bella Baloubet is coming!


Also just to let you know...dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and comments about the stable and horses. Im obviously really passionate about the horses and my stable so feel free to contact me!..




9 October 2010

Bella arrived at home! Young Horses update; hurray for Australia at WEG!..

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