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Well the Winter season has officially started for me, it opened in Moorsele CSI*** with 25 degrees and not a cloud in the sky for 5 days!! It was alittle rude to be jumping indoors... ;) But it was a great show and the perfect start indoors, Bella feeling fantastic as you can see from the videos on facebook or You Tube

I was very happy with him but extremely disappointed with the last fence down in the Grand Prix.... Bella has now a week off before heading to France for CSI*** Saint Lo and I hope... Caen CSI***.

I worked the young horses this morning after 5 days away and of course they are feeling great under the work of my stable rider, Aleksander Cebulak. She keeps everything running smoothly at home when im away with Bella, but this week its her turn to go on the show in Asten CSI** only 5 minutes from home with her wonderful 6 year old stallion, "Farmer". Tomorrow we head to the local training facility, Roggel to start the indoor training with the young horses. It will be "Brazil's" first time out and also going is "Cupido", "Farmer" and "Blesse".

"Gordon" and "Chino" had a fantastic show in the World Breeding Championships in Lanaken. Its one of my favourite shows especially after spending months training and having the babies from when they were broken. Both of them performed very well, clears and one down. Im excited for them, they turn 6 so i can start taking them with me on the shows with Bella...;)

For the rest everything is quiet..my very important task is making the plan for the winter shows with Bella so we have solid 160 GP's in our preparation for London, preparing the 4 year olds for their first shows in the new year.. maybe Spain...maybe Arezzo...Trying to keep up with the bookwork thats involved with running everything, that all seems to pile up after only a week end away.

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Winter Season!

4 Ocober 2011


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