Whether it is from an injury, surgery, or time away, we are equipped with the best services and equipment to get you and your horse back into competing.

Rehabilitation at Haras du Ry

Specialist Services

We have a range of talented individuals who offer their services here at Haras du Ry this includes:


farrier rasping a hoof
Specialist Farriers

François Canu is our specialist farrier, for all your shoeing and trimming needs. He works closely with our vets to maintain hoof and leg health as well as balance.

Equine Veterinary Professionals

We are lucky to have fantastic vets locally at La Clinique Marais Carentan-les-Marais (Dr Edmund Roy)and Clinique Vétérinaire Saint-Roch in Saint Lô (Dr Boris Poutas).


Equine Osteopath

Our Osteopath Caroline Lenglin has many years of experience working with sport horses. She is able to help mobilize issues and recommend exercises for you and your horse to improve movement and wellbeing.


CIRALE – The Center for Imaging and Research on Equine Locomotor Disorders – is a unique specialist equine movement hospital and training school based locally to us in Normandy.

Specialist Equipment

We constantly updating what treatments we can provide onsite here at Haras du Ry. Here are some of the treatments we can offer:


farrier rasping a hoof
Game Ready Kit

Game Ready is a high tech cooling compression system. Game Ready is the choice of top riders and veterinarians because it conveniently combines both active compression and dry cold therapy to help accelerate your horse’s recovery.  Read more here.

Medequus Neovet 2.0 Shockwave Machine

New to Haras du Ry is our shockwave machine! We have staff onsite with professional training from our local practitioners on how to use this machine.


Equine Laser Therapy

Our local clinics have highly trained professionals who use laser treatment effectively on our sport horses. Laser Therapy can accelerate healing and improve the repair, regeneration and remodeling of tissue in the horse. 

KRAFT Treadmill

An effective, joint-safe running training, our horse treadmill offers your horse additional movement training, perfect for rehabillitation, warm up or cool down.

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